Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Khandavi ( patudi)

One more gujarati farsan, khandvi is something i always prepare for my non-guj friends and they love it.. i learned it from my elder sister, (motiben).. I always used to help my sis when it was ready to roll.. And slowly after assisting her for no. of times and practice, i m pro at making khandvi ..

One simple funda i keep in mind while making khandavi is the ratio of water, curd and gram flour...

its 1:1:1


1 cup gram flour(besan)

1 cup curd

1 cup water

salt to taste

ginger-chili paste


a pich of turmeric

For seasoning and garnishing

1 tbsp oil

mustard seeds

a pinch of asofeteda

sesame seeds

corriander leaves and fresh grated coconut for garnishing

Keep one greased aluminium foil ready( i say it first b'coz when it's cooked, we don't get time)
Mix all ingredients together
pour the mixture in a heavy bottom pan or kadai , put it on medium heat.
stir it continuously and evenly to avoiding lumps..
continue for almost 8-10 mins.. It will start thickening and u can see a shine ..
I always check whether it's cooked or raw by this shine.. but u can taste to check..
Now spread the hot mix on foil, with flat spatula.. it should be thin..do it very fast as once cooled it will never get spreaded..
Let it cool...after some time cut it into long strips, and roll each strip and keep in a separate dish for serving.
Finally give tadka, garnish with grated coconut and coriander leaves
Yummy khandvi is ready...
It is served as a side dish with any gujarati thali..it has lovely look and yummy taste..enjoy the sweet n sour treat :)


  1. wow .. looking too tempting, I always loved Khandvi a lot !! Can I use pressure cooker (as heating pan wid thick bottom),as I donot have any kadhai or any thick bottom vessel?

  2. Hi Mita,

    This is Priti from IHM. :) I recently tried my hand at making khandvi and my first attempt failed miserably but 2nd and then finally 3rd attempt were very successful. Thanks for giving the ratio, it will definately help. Using aluminium foil instead of steel thalis is a fantastic idea!

  3. Thanks Priti :) U know aluminium foil is my hubby's idea... He always helps me by giving tips which reduce our work ...