Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vaati daal na khaman

In south guajarat we all love vati daal khaman,I never thought to make it my own, as it was easily available at each gulli, but here first time learned how to make it and its superb.. Felt the same smell of khaman at gulli's farsan shop :)Thanks to my neighbour aunty ..i was bit concerned about the oil part, but ok for once in 2 months or so ..or we can customize :)
Lets divide the whole recipe in four parts : soaking, grinding,steaming, tadka

Chana daal - 3 cups
Moong daal - 1/3 cup
urad daal- 1/3 cup
rice- 2 tbsp
Method: Soak all the ingredients together for 12 hours in a bowl full of water

Oil - 1 cup ( yeah it sounds too much )
Curd- 1 cup
gram flour- 2 tbsp
Method: grind the soaked ingredients with 1 cup oil and 1 cup curd. now keep one container in which we want to fermant , greece the container with the 2tbsp gram flour and oil (consistency should be very thin)
Add the grinded batter in the container , mix well
Let it ferment for 12 hours, thn keep in fridge for another 12 hour to 1 day

Green chili paste 1 tbsp
Ginger paste 1 tbsp
oil for grease and 2 tbsp
Eno - 1 tsp

Keep the steamer on stove with greased plate. cover the steamer with greased plate
Meanwhile add all the ingredients in batter, kept outside from fridge prior 1-2 hour of steaming. add the batter in the greased plate and let it steam for 25 mins

1 tbsp oil
mustard seeds, asofeteda
Coriander leaves, shreded coconut for garnishing
Here difference is , we have to let cool the steamed khaman and the tadka both..
Once both are cooled, add tadka, earlier i used to add hot tadka and mustard seeds remained stick sometime, but if we let it cool and spread with spoon, it will spread nicely


  1. First time on your blog and it seems I am going to learn gujju recipe right from Gujrat :)

  2. I love this recipe but don't make it because I lack the patience required for these preparations. I am bit lazy. :)

  3. Hey SS , Thnaks.. i will try to post more gujju recipes here :)
    @Kav, Yeah me too avoided making for its long time preps, but i really enjoyed the final result,and now excited to make again :)

  4. Mita, u've explained the recipe so well. Thanks! The khaman looks soft and luscious!

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  6. Well naarated and a wonderful recipe.Visit my blog when time permits.

  7. Hey Mita,

    Yummy vaati dhaal ka khaman...:)


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  9. Thanks ........ will try to start making it today. i hope its comes out well.